» » Avira Browser 45.0.2454.46 [En]

Avira Browser 45.0.2454.46 [En]

Avira Browser 45.0.2454.46 [En] скачать торрент

Год выпуска:2015
Требования:Windows XP (32-бит и 64-бит)
Windows Vista (32-бит и 64-бит)
Windows Server 2008 (32-бит и 64-бит)
Windows 7 (32-бит и 64-бит)
Windows 8 (32-бит и 64-бит)
Windows 8.1 (32-бит и 64-бит)
Windows 10 (32-бит и 64-бит)
Язык интерфейса:Английский
Лекарство:не требуется
Рейтинг на сайте:
Avira Browser
объединяет коллекцию самых мощных технологий защиты в браузере от Avira GmbH. Смесь расширений в браузере и поддержка технологий от Avira, позволяет противостоять различным угрозам, с которыми сталкивается пользователь при использовании интернета.

Дополнительная информация
Basically there are three points to secure:
The client (your PC and browser): Detect attacks and block them

The Internet infrastructure (like Wifis): End-to-End encryption fixes that

The server (like the site that is trying to phish you): Identify and block

This is our opportunity to improve the situation.
For the first time ever we can go beyond add-on and have more of an add-in. This means:
More options to secure the system

While the browser vendors have to produce a one-size-fits-all we can center on a more security aware customer base

We have lots of backend databases knowing the dangerous places in the internet

While high-end security extensions (Noscript) focus on the skilled user, we will build a system with an auto-pilot, basing the security decissions on our backend databases and our experience

This auto pilot will also automate repetitive tasks away

Before you ask: Skilled users can take over the wheel and override it

You can install additional extensions. It is your browser after all
The whole project is based on extensions and chromium. Both are Open Source. We will pay for our ride: We contribute to them to guarantee a perfect browsing experience. Of course we will also integrate our Avira technology.

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Avira Browser 45.0.2454.46 [En]Avira Browser 45.0.2454.46 [En]Avira Browser 45.0.2454.46 [En]
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